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Love Like That & Other Stories - Various

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  • Publisher: Penguin India
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  • ISBN 10: 0143332325
  • ISBN 13: 9780143332329
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Love Like That And Other Stories is an anthology of stories featuring the experiences and emotions of young lovers penned by well known authors like Sheba Karim, Jerry Pinto, Milan Vohra and Ira Trivedi.

Sheba Karim’s protagonist Anjum in her story Love Like That, finds her love who expresses his feelings through beautiful poetry. The story by Rupa Gulab proves that opposites do attract. In her story, Anjali and Ashish are always at loggerheads with each other. Ashish is the classroom nerd whereas Anjali is a rebel. When they are forced to don the characters of Romeo and Juliet for a play, they forge a surprising bond that puts an end to their never ending bickering.

Shayari meets Matus on a train journey from Brussels to Paris. Will he be her co-traveller on the journey of life too? Milan Vohra’s Sandwich Soulmates talks about Prithvi and Mahira, who over a sandwich learn that they have a lot in common including a passion for soul music. Jerry Pinto tells the story of Shanaya and Rishab who keep their romance alive in spite of the constant intrusion by Rishab’s parents and siblings.

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