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Visual Basic 6 Programming Black Book (With Cd) - Steven Holzner

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The book completely explains the crucial Visual Basic tool set in detail. The book is designed to help save hours of time & perfect the best Visual Basic programming skills. From design tools to flowcharts, it covers everything from graphics & image processing, ActiveX controls, database development & data-bound controls. The book is packed with insights, programming tips and techniques, and real-world solutions. The CD contains demo copies of Coffee Cup HTML Editor++98, Quick Site, SQL-Station, Q-Diagnostic Software, and more.· The VB Language· Command Buttons, Checkboxes, and Option Buttons· List Boxes, bars and Sliders, Image Controls· The Timer and Serial Communications Controls· The Frame, Label, Shape, and Line Controls· Bars· Image Lists· File Handling and File Controls· Working with Graphics, Images· Creating ActiveX Controls and Documents· VB and the Internet: Web Browsing, Email, HTTP· Connecting to the Windows API and Visual C++· Databases: Using DAO, RDO, and ADO· Creating Code Components (OLE Automation)· Error Handling and Debugging· Deploying your Program: Creating Setup Programs

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