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Wizards of Waverly Place #2: Haywire - Beth Beechwood

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Series Description:There's something magical happening in New York City... The Russos look like an average family: Mom and Dad run a Manhattan deli, while their kids, Alex, Justin, and Max, deal with school, friendships, and first dates. But things are not exactly as they seem because these kids are all wizards in training! To make things more complicated, only one of them will remain a wizard after the age of 18. Talk about sibling rivalry! Full of the magic, comedy, and fun that you've come to expect from Disney Channel, this series is sure to continue conjuring a smash hit. Wizards of Waverly Place #2: Haywire To get out of wizard training class and go to a fashion sale, Alex uses a spell to create a duplicate 3-D image of herself. Meanwhile, her youngest brother, Max, has just gotten a new wand. When he accidentally manipulates Alex through her clone, she makes a fool of herself at the sale and finds herself in double the trouble! Plus, when Alex uses a magical “pocket elf” to help her pass a Spanish exam, her brothers decide to teach her a lesson she'll never forget!


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kripashrestha Acceptable SECOND Hand first page is ripped ny my sister unfortunately. i've again underlined the words i didnt know at that age. 44 days left Add to

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