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About Us


Have you ever roamed around the city in search for books? We all know how traumatizing it is to travel around Kathmandu. And when you finally arrive at the destination, most of the times the book store don’t always carry the book that you want.

Whereas, at Sasto Book, you can browse through our inventory while sitting comfortably at home. And if you want a book, we will get it delivered at your doorstep!

Also, the price of books in the market causes a serious dent in your pocket. Perhaps, the book that you were about to buy is being offered at Sasto Book by a previous owner and at a subsidized rate. So, why pay extra? And with the amount you save, you can always buy another book or get yourself a treat.

Our goal at Sasto Book is to save your time and money and provide a platform for you to earn a few bucks.

Company Overview

"where the story never ends !"


Yes! You can say that Sasto Book is a knight in shining armor that rescues you from KTM traffic. And while doing so we make sure we don’t put a dent in your pocket. Well, we might put a small dent but you can sell your used books to cover up that dent which otherwise you would discard.

WIN-WIN situation for you? Of course it is!

General Information

Want to sell a book? Upload it in a few clicks. And we will notify you and make payment when our customers chooses to buy from you.

Want to buy a book? Browse through our vast collections. Once you see a book you like, click on “I want it” and we will get it delivered to your doorstep.

Both buyer and seller can make transactions via Sasto Book while sitting comfortably at home.

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