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Getting Started

What can we do here?

Buy and sell book(s) - used and new.

How can I sell my book(s)?

  • Click on “Sell my book!
  • Fill in info about the book
  • Personal Details
  • Review
  • Sell It!

Sasto Book will take 20% commission on the price you’ve quoted.
E.g: Your price: Rs.200 | Amount you’ll receive: Rs.160

Once a buyer chooses to buy a book you’ve listed, Sasto Book will come collect it and will make payment on collection.

Please note that SB reserves the right to return the book within 24 hours from payment date. This is IF the buyer refuses to purchase the book we deliver.

How can I buy a book?

  • Select Book(s)
  • Add to cart
  • Personal details
  • Review
  • Get it delivered

Payment: Cash on delivery

Payment & Delivery

Where do we deliver ?

We deliver only in the highlighted areas of this map

Do you deliver products outside KTM?

Yes! Please email us the destination address at info[at]sastobook.com And we will provide you with the shipping & payment details.

As a seller, do I have to deliver the book?

You will have to drop the book at our office and we will get it delivered to the buyer.
We will pay you on the time of collection (the amount quoted less 20% SD comm.)

As a buyer, do I have to collect the book?

You heard it! You don’t have to move an inch. Payment is made on delivery.

Are there any delivery charges?

SB will charge Rs.50 per kg on the order for inside ring-road. For deliveries outside ring-road, charges will vary according to the location.

Refunds & Returns


Please check the book condition on delivery. If you’re not satisfied, feel free to return it with the delivery personnel. SB will not accept returns after 12 hours of delivery.


SB reserves the right to return the book within 24 hours of collection. That is IF the buyer refuses to purchase the book.

Urgent ?

Call us for assistance or questions at:

Curious for answers ?

Email us for assistance or with your questions.

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